Bostitch GBT1850K Pushing Lever Arm / Bracket & Adjuster

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Bostitch Pushing Lever Arm / Bracket, Adjuster & Springs

Manufacturer Part Number
9R192308 / 9R192309 / 9R192297 / 9R192304 / 9R192299 / 9R192301 / 9R192302 / 9R192189 / 9R192270

For Bostitch GBT1850K finishing nailers.


  • Springs (9R192297 / 9R192304)
  • Screw (9R192299)
  • Bracket (9R192308)
  • Lever (9R192301)
  • O ring (9R192302)
  • Adjuster (9R192309)
  • Lock nut (9R192189)
  • Rubber stop (9R192270)

In good, used condition, and ready to install. All our used parts are taken from thoroughly tested, working equipment, then cleaned, and inspected in our workshop, to ensure there's no abnormal wear, or damage. This is a used item however and does have cosmetic wear, as you would expect from this type of tool.

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